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Get VirtualBox Seamless Mode to play nicely with Compiz Fuzion.

Posted 12 June 2011 by
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I just love Compiz with my Gnome workspace, but I’ve never been able to get VirtualBox to work well with Compiz. If I move to the virtual desktop that has VB running, I can then no longer use my assigned keys to switch to another application as, as soon as the virtualbox window gains focus, […]

gPodder stopped working today. Locale error.

Posted 11 June 2011 by
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o, I get on my PC this morning to transfer some Podcasts onto my Sansa Clip. gPodder wouldn’t start. How strange. So, this is my solution. Hopefully, if anyone else has a similar issue, they can find the answer here.

SCRIM – How to share your email address on the web.

Posted 6 April 2011 by
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oday, I just received an invite to Diaspora. I got that invite via a complete stranger on the web. The good thing about it, though, is that I didn’t have to make my email address public to every Tom, Dick and Spammer. I used a service, that I’d never heard of, until today, called Scrim.

So, what exactly is a Drop Cap? Or, is it a Cap Drop?

Posted 29 January 2011 by
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ropcaps is the name for the effect where the first letter of the first paragraph in an article drops below the line of text, and is displayed in a larger font-size than the other normal letters. Here’s the “How to”…

Egreat Popcorn media player. M34A to A110…

Posted 25 January 2011 by
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It was great seeing the Popcorn Hour logo show up.

Do you have an eGreat M34Aor an M31B? Here’s how to Cross-flash it to make it think it’s an A110 Popcorn Hour.