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Mild musings about nothing much.

Besides. If I don’t put pen to paper, I’m just going to forget what I’ve done.
And, maybe, just maybe, you too might find some small benefit from the posts I make.

Image of Bad Kiwi

A note about the Little Kiwi Logo:

I found this picture on the internet and I’ve been using it as my sites mascot for some time now. I finally figured out how to use Tineye.com and locate the original source of this image. It comes from a really nice site called permission to use their images under the Creative Commons License. This means you are free to use anything from this site for non commercial purposes (book reports, personal websites, stuff like that) as long as you credit bluebison.net with a comment or link. So, this is what I’m doing. Thanks so much BlueBison.net for allowing me to display your fantastic images.

Go check out their site. It’s awesome.