SCRIM – How to share your email address on the web.

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oday, I just received an invite to Diaspora. I got that invite via a complete stranger on the web. The good thing about it, though, is that I didn’t have to make my email address public to every Tom, Dick and Spammer. I used a service, that I’d never heard of, until today, called Scrim.

Scrim allows you to enter your email address of choice and then it creates a short URL, which you can then paste on a forum, or twitter post etc. The person you are wishing to give your email address to, can then click the link and they’ll be presented with a Captcha to complete. Once completed, they will then see your email address.

Bear in mind though, that anyone else clicking on that link and successfully completing the Captcha will ALSO see your email address. The good news is, that you can remove your short URL by going to[your keyword] and then click the Email icon. This will then send you an email with a key, that you copy and paste into the next screen. That will then delete your short URL and all is good with the world again. Be quick though, because if you don’t delete it, other can still complete the Captcha and see your email address.

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