How can one little dongle give me so much pleasure?

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‘ve been trying to get my PC to start up by just pressing the Spacebar on my USB keyboard, for my work desktop. I use Linux Mint 9.0 and even with following threads on the Ubuntu forums, I still couldn’t get it to work. Even when I was using windows XP, prevoiusly, I still had no success. The BIOS has the option to start with USB, but this didn’t seem to have any affect. Now, I’m not talking about Resume from Standby. I’m talking about Start by pressing a key on the keyboard from poweroff. No doubt, the solution is out there, but I haven’t found it so far.

I was rummaging through some cartons and found this:

USB to PS2 Purple adaptor for Keyboards

That had me wondering that if I could connect the USB keyboard using this adaptor and perhaps that would allow me to start my PC by just pressing a key. I tried it and it worked.


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