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SSH service start – Say what?

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Why u no easy tell?


he idiosyncrasies of Linux. Where is my Babble-Fish when I need it?

Get VirtualBox Seamless Mode to play nicely with Compiz Fuzion.

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Shamelessly borrow from

I just love Compiz with my Gnome workspace, but I’ve never been able to get VirtualBox to work well with Compiz. If I move to the virtual desktop that has VB running, I can then no longer use my assigned keys to switch to another application as, as soon as the virtualbox window gains focus, […]

gPodder stopped working today. Locale error.

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gPooder will rule the world. Bwah ha ha haaar!


o, I get on my PC this morning to transfer some Podcasts onto my Sansa Clip. gPodder wouldn’t start. How strange. So, this is my solution. Hopefully, if anyone else has a similar issue, they can find the answer here.

SCRIM – How to share your email address on the web.

Posted 6 April 2011 by
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Scrim Logo


oday, I just received an invite to Diaspora. I got that invite via a complete stranger on the web. The good thing about it, though, is that I didn’t have to make my email address public to every Tom, Dick and Spammer. I used a service, that I’d never heard of, until today, called Scrim.

Life goes on in Tehran.

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Image of a Vase taken from the site Life Goes on in Tehran.


his has to be one of my favourite all time photo blogs. Maybe even my favourite site, it’s just that good…

So, what exactly is a Drop Cap? Or, is it a Cap Drop?

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ropcaps is the name for the effect where the first letter of the first paragraph in an article drops below the line of text, and is displayed in a larger font-size than the other normal letters. Here’s the “How to”…

How can one little dongle give me so much pleasure?

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I’ve been trying to get my PC to start up by just pressing the Spacebar on my USB keyboard, for my work desktop.

PuddleTag is now my favourite MP3 Tagger.

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puddletag logo

Since moving to Linux full time, which was somewhere around the middle of 2009, I’ve been in search of a replacement, for my favourite WIndows MP3 Tagger MP3Tag, which as far as I’m concerned, is the holy grail of MP3 taggers. Until now…